Bullying & Harassment

Every school district in the state has a legal obligation to protect students from bullying and harassment. Under federal and state law, as well as school district policies, every student has a right to be safe and supported at school.

The Constitution and Title IX both prohibit school districts from being deliberately indifferent to any bullying or harassment that is severe or pervasive. This means that school districts are required to take action to stop bullying or harassment, especially when teachers or administrators know that it is happening. This is why it is important to document and report to the school any incidents, since that is usually what triggers the school district’s legal obligation to respond.

Teachers and staff should take proactive steps to reduce power imbalances between students before bullying occurs and to foster learning environments where every student is safe and respected. Texas law also protects students from cyberbullying and allows school districts to address off-campus behavior that causes a significant disruption of the school environment.

If you or someone you know is being bullied or harassed, you can seek legal assistance through the ACLU of Texas or Lambda Legal.

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